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Brown University Grad Seeking RA Position

Joe Diehl

My name is Joe Diehl and I am currently a senior at Brown University. I am majoring in Psychology and Contemplative Studies with a 3.81 GPA with a goal of pursuing a Ph.D in clinical psychology. I will be graduating in May and am interested in a 2-year Research Assistant/Coordinator or Lab Manager position.

This past summer, I worked as an intern in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Rhode Island Hospital, which involved clinical experience such as observing individual and group therapies, helping with insurance authorization, and observing and assisting in writing reports for SCIDs. In addition, I was the primary author on research involving mindfulness and depression in PHP patients and presented a poster this fall at the New England Psychological Association Annual Meeting.

I am currently preparing a manuscript to submit for publication as the primary author entitled “Is the discrepancy between mindfulness and depression best accounted for by emotion regulation?” while working once a week in a similar capacity as the summer at PHP at Rhode Island Hospital.

In addition, I have experience entering, managing, and analyzing data in SPSS and Excel. Through my own research and coursework, I also have experience with literature searches involving PubMed, PsychINFO, etc.

My future interests involve studying mood disorders and third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies (especially mindfulness-based interventions). However, I am open to any research position that offers greater exposure to mental illnesses.

In addition to psychology, I have completed coursework in neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience.

Please email me at if you have any lab openings (beginning in summer/fall 2018) and would like a copy of my CV and/or transcript. Thanks!