Clinical Research Coordinator Position at Mount Sinai

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Clinical Research Coordinator Position at Mount Sinai

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Full-Time Paid Research Coordinator Position Available

The Depression and Anxiety Center for Discovery and Treatment [formerly known as the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program (MAP)] at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is currently seeking highly motivated clinical research coordinators.

The Depression and Anxiety Center for Discovery and Treatment (DAC) is dedicated to the study and treatment of depression, anxiety, and related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research at the Center focuses on discovering the fundamental causes of these disorders in humans in order to develop new, more effective treatments. DAC is currently conducting a variety of research studies including clinical trials focusing on novel therapeutics, and exploratory studies investigating biomarkers in the blood and brain.

DAC is looking for highly responsible, organized individuals who aim to continue into a medical, psychology, or professional clinical research career. The research Center is currently seeking full-time paid research coordinators to assist the Principal Investigators and study physicians in running the ongoing research experiments. Newly graduated students or graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities include regulatory, academic and clinical tasks such as running experimental procedures, entering and analyzing data, conducting phone screens on potential subjects, study development paperwork, and presentation/publication preparation. Potential opportunities available to successful DAC coordinators include: publication in major medical journals; networking among distinguished individuals within and outside the medical/psychology fields; exposure to wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders and treatments thereof.

Start date for this position would be as soon as possible (specific dates to be decided) and requires a minimum of a two-year commitment.

• Minimum of Bachelor’s degree at start date
• Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, or other relevant field of study/Major
• A GPA of 3.5 or higher
• Strong background in psychology, psychiatry, or neuroscience as well as statistics and/or laboratory sciences
• Preferred (but not mandatory) courses completed: Intro to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics/Lab/Experimental Methods
• High familiarity with a wide range of computer software including SPSS, Microsoft Excel, and REDCap
Interested candidates should send a C.V. or resume and a cover letter with a description of interests to Interview to follow