Davidson College Senior Seeking RA Position in Greater NYC Area

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Davidson College Senior Seeking RA Position in Greater NYC Area

Kathleen Little

My name is Kathleen Little, and I am a senior psychology major and neuroscience minor at Davidson College. I am interested in pursuing a career in pediatric neuropsychology; however, before applying to graduate programs, I want to gain additional research experience.

I have worked in the Moods, Attitudes and Parenting (MAP) Lab at Davidson College for the past 3 years under Dr. Laura Sockol. In that time, I have contributed to research on women's representation in clinical psychology and conducted a series of independent research projects. I recently presented two posters based on my work at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies' Annual Convention: "Gender Differences in Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction during the Transition to Parenthood" and "Gender Differences in Correlates of Postpartum Distress Among First-Time Mothers and Fathers." I am also currently working on an honors thesis on the relationship between parental divorce, adult attachment, and relationship satisfaction during the transition to parenthood.

In addition to my experience in the MAP Lab, I recently completed an independent study with Dr. Julio Ramirez where I wrote a literature review on the comorbidity between pediatric epilepsy and ADHD. I also completed several hours per week in his behavioral neuroscience lab where I conducted behavioral testing, surgery, and histological examination of a Sprague Dawley rat.

I am interested in any lab openings beginning in summer or fall of 2018, particularly if they are in the greater New York City area. Please reach out to me if you have any anticipated openings you think I might be suited for; I'd love the opportunity to hear about your research and elaborate on my qualifications.

Thanks for your consideration and all the best,

Kathleen Little