GSU Post-Bacc Seeking Full or Part-Time Research Assistant/Coordinator

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GSU Post-Bacc Seeking Full or Part-Time Research Assistant/Coordinator

Hello everyone,

I graduated at Georgia State University (GSU) with a B.S. Psychology, minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies degree back in May 2016 with Advanced & Research Honors distinctions and a GPA of 3.74. I am currently seeking a full-time (or part-time) research assistant, coordinator, or technician position.

I started research back in January 2015 at a neuro-imaging lab. I completed a senior thesis with this lab exploring structural (cortical thickness and surface area) and cognitive data in people with schizophrenia. I utilized EndNote to keep track of literature, and I used SPSS and MS Excel to created analyses, graphs, and tables. I presented at two psychology research conferences and won an award at one of them. I drafted up an almost 30-page thesis that was accepted into GSU's undergraduate honors research journal, DISCOVERY.

In January 2016, I completed a practicum with a nonprofit organization that is housed at a level-1 trauma center in Atlanta, GA, and even after graduating, I have been kept as a volunteer. The organization runs a study intervention program to empower low-income African American women who have experienced IPV and suicidality, while offering free weekly groups and therapy. I've served as a group helper for DBT group, where I lead and organized mindfulness exercises and took group notes. I also worked as a domestic violence group helper. Aside from being a group helper, I have screened clients in the hospital for studies (and groups), conducted face-to-face assessments, and completed data entry on SPSS. I have recently contributed to a post-doc's manuscript, and I am organizing an alliance between this organization and NAMI.

In May 2016, I helped to initiate a graduate student's grant-funded dissertation study examining acute alcohol effects on men's bystander intervention on sexual aggression. I designed the study questionnaire on Qualtrics. I trained research assistants to conduct screening interviews with participants and ran the initial protocol of the study. I was actively involved in data collection and retention for a two-part study that includes deception.

My current research interests include exploring mental health stigma and cultural values in an ethnic minority population, specifically ethnic minority women and cultural values relating to gender roles and family. I plan to apply to Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs in the upcoming application cycle (2018-2019).

Please feel free to contact me, Nadia, by email: if you'd like a copy of my CV, a cover letter, and/or references. I look forward to hearing back!