Graduating May 2017 with a BA in Psychology looking for a clinical based position

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Graduating May 2017 with a BA in Psychology looking for a clinical based position

I'm currently a Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience student at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.
I'm expected to graduate this upcoming May and I am looking for a clinical based position in either a lab or in a counseling center. I'm currently interning at a self-help center where I assist college students in finding the right self-help treatment while creating a comfortable and stress free space. I'm also currently working in a Fatherhood Practice and Research Network at Temple University as a research assistant; my responsibilities include collecting data, conducting interviews/surveys, making follow-up calls, and conducting over the phone surveys. Additionally, I worked at Temple's Cognition and Learning Lab with Elizabeth Gunderson where my responsibilities were data collection, data entry, data analysis, creating tasks, and creating participant information and packets.

My main interests are trauma (specifically PTSD), eating disorder research in adolescence, anxiety, and depression. I primarily enjoy working with adolescences and adults, but have experience working with all age groups from infancy to adulthood.

I can provide a CV, a cover letter, and a list of some references along with their contact information and I would love the opportunity to provide more about myself.

Please email: Riley Brown - if interested in talking more about a professional relationship and I look forward to hearing back!