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Graduating Senior Looking for RA Position


My name is Autumn! I will be graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in May 2018 with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology (Religion minor). I’m invested in becoming a clinical psychologist therefore, I intend on applying to a PhD program in clinical psychology within the next two or three years; However, I’d like to take time to become a more competitive graduate school candidate and get some more research experience under my belt before embarking on that journey.

I am currently a co-lab leader in the Food Matters Lab at Trinity, which is run by a diverse, all female group of students with the mentorship of two PhDs. I have had 3 semesters of research experience (over 300 hours) that pertains to the negative psychological outcomes of food insecurity. Through this experience, I’ve developed leadership skills in team building, verbal and nonverbal communication, and much more. During this time I’ve become proficient in SPSS, qualtrics, excel, poster design and presentation, and administering surveys (with the PDS, EDDS, EDE-Q, RCMI). I am also currently doing a practicum with a focus on trauma.

I’m most interested in research related to anxiety disorders, trauma, PTSD or something closely related. I’m looking to start at the beginning of June 2018 and I’m open to positions anywhere. If you have a Post Bacc RA position or need more information from me, here is my contact information: