Heavensward has made it easier than ever for new players

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Heavensward has made it easier than ever for new players

With the release of this new Heavensward expansion, FF14 Gil has never been a better time to pick up and try Final Fantasy XIV. Since obtaining the Heavensward content requires one to have completed the whole main story line - a lengthy effort which includes going from level 1 to 50, then five spots worthiness of articles - a few players could be put off.

That really doesn't though that the devs aren't going to give new players a supporting hand. For one, every principal story pursuit has had its experience benefit doubled, allowing players to easily reach max level and beyond without needing to sink time to sidequests and other ways. There's also been some high-tech gear added to the benefits, providing you a full collection of item level 110 gear by the time you're done with everything.

Furthermore, new players will be allowed priority access when using the Duty Finder - FFXIV's variant of an example compilation, utilized for dungeons, raids etc.. Some of the main story quests require that the conclusion of these cases, so having the ability to rapidly find a group means less time waiting and more time progressing.

And in case you have some useful high-level friends, they can also boost you get through the instances with their strong equipment and abilities. https://www.mmotank.com/Final-fantasy-xiv-Gil.html