How to get others to respect your time?

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How to get others to respect your time?


Currently, I am finishing my thesis while doing followup experiments for two publications. Also, I am a graduate student and full time laboratory manager. In order for me to finish my thesis, I need to focus my time on writing my thesis plus papers; however, I am being consumed with other lab issues that revolve around helping others their experiments. Given the experience of forum members, I thought I would ask for help in dealing with this issue.Since I have been a lab manager in this lab for nine years, many lab members depend on me for technical help and I am glad to help w/o any expectations for publication. Upon entering graduate school two years ago, I have many time constraits. Now, I can't help as much as before. Making this issue more problematic is the fact that this lab trains many Chinese doctors, lacking technical expertise, to do research. A lack of communication skills is also an issue. Thus, they often lean on me for help. Many of the experimental problems they are having are easy to figure out if they were more inquisitive. Given my time constraints, I have asked that they try to figure out these problems because I need to focus on my research. When they insist, I tell them "I figured this out as a graduate student, this should be easy for you given that you are a post-doc." However, several post-docs feel that I am being mean and often complain to my PI.

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