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LPC looking to Volunteer for Research Experience

Hi there!

I currently work as a psychotherapist on an adult acute inpatient unit at a local psychiatric hospital in Wisconsin. This niche is what I have known since I was an undergraduate student, and for years, I've been curious to learn more about it. Over the last few years, especially the last few months, I have thought about returning to school to earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Most of my ambivalence around pursuing another degree comes from my minimal experience with research, and I recognize this is a significant part of a doctorate program. While I might have ideas for what would be interesting to study, I am not 100% certain if research is a good fit for me.

I realize this post might be a bit different from others on this site; however, I am wondering if there are any opportunities to volunteer alongside researchers as they engage in their current projects. I am open to projects that I can be part of locally or remotely. Overall, I am simply eager to dip my toes in metaphorical research waters to see if a PhD is truly what I want to go after.

I would love to hear from anyone open to taking on a current professional who is looking to learn more. Thank you so very much for reading this post and entertaining my curiosity to go further in academia!

Megan Z