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RA Position @ Bradley Hasbro Research Center & Brown Med School

I am actively recruiting a research assistant for research focused on the interplay of biomarkers and social (both in person and online social networking) context for adolescents during times of transition. Primary responsibilities will be related to: "Biomarkers, social, and affective predictors of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in adolescents." The Research Assistant (RA) will also have opportunities for involvement in implementation of another R01 investigation, “Understanding the Interplay of Social Context and Physiology on Psychological Outcomes in Trauma-Exposed Adolescents.”  The position will can begin as soon as possible. This could be an ideal opportunity for a recent graduate who is looking for experiences to help strengthen a grad school application. Please forward to any strong students you may have or to colleagues who might have ideas.

The RI Resilience Lab implements innovative and impactful research with real world implications for adolescents and families coping with trauma and adversity. The lab is committed to a culture of collaboration and respect across diverse training and individual backgrounds; faculty are committed to promoting career and professional development for lab members. The research involves in vivo characterization of naturalistic phenomena during the critical first weeks after discharge from either (1) psychiatric hospitalization for suicidal thoughts and behaviors or (2) medical emergency department visit following a traumatic event. Social context is assessed using ecological methods and devices that allow acoustic capture of an individual's social environment and self-reports of experienced affect as well as characterization of online social networking. Follow-up assessments include semi-structured interviews as well as implementation of laboratory procedures involving psychophysiological and visual attention indicators. Results of this investigation will inform a number of intervention approaches including family therapy, EMA-based adjunctive intervention, and pharmacological approaches.

Responsibilities may include preparation and maintenance of study record, complete baseline self-report procedures, complete baseline training (and setup) with the adolescent on the use of the ecological devices, schedule follow-up assessments, drive to participant homes to pick up research devices, implement procedures related to extraction of online social networking behaviors, conduct closely supervised interviews, and implement laboratory procedures that include the use of psychophysiological and eye tracking equipment.  The RA will need to be able to learn REDCap and enter data as well as learn how to implement procedures for setup of the ecological devices. The RA may be responsible for very basic statistical analyses of data and in preparation of data for presentations. Requirements of the position include: a bachelor’s degree; strong organizational and research training and experience for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in psychology or applying to medical school. An ideal candidate will evidence ability/willingness to develop skills with technology and capacity for resourcefulness in troubleshooting technological devices. Successful applicants will be available for some evening and weekend research sessions.

Applicants please apply online by visiting http://www.lifespan.org/careers/health-care-jobs.html and search for job openings using Requisition #627 and send cover letter and CV as attachments to Dr. Nugent at nicole_nugent@brown.edu.