Recent UC Berkeley Grad seeking opportunities in Psychopathology

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Recent UC Berkeley Grad seeking opportunities in Psychopathology

Angela Drexler
Hello all,

I hope everyone is safe and well.

My background: I recently completed my Bachelors in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley this May and am now looking for opportunities to work in a Psychopathology lab. In the future, I intend on applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs to teach as a professor.

My interests: I’d like to investigate and disseminate research based emotion regulation skills in at-risk youth to help them rewire their brains. Ultimately, I’m interested in psychoeducation to disseminate and implement research for healing the effects of Childhood Experiences (ACES) such as neglect, and abuse. Questions I aim to answer are: How can we better teach/practice/disseminate the power of neuroplasticity to develop happier brains in emotionally dysregulated humans?

My highlighting qualifications: I have 2.4 years of Neuroscience research experience (with animals), 4+ years of volunteering with low-income adolescents, Basic Life Support certified, and programming skills (Python (intermediate), R (novice), Matlab (Novice), Qualtrics (novice), Stata (Novice)).

My Curriculum Vitae and email:

Angela Drexler
University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2020