Research Assistant position in adolescent suicide and depression lab at Brown University

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Research Assistant position in adolescent suicide and depression lab at Brown University

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We are seeking 1 to 2 full-time Research Assistants (RAs) to assist with three ongoing studies in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. These studies include: (i) a NIMH-funded study examining the interrelationship between life stress and impulsivity in accounting for recurrent suicidal behavior in adolescent inpatients within a multi-wave, prospective design; (ii) a NIMH-funded study evaluating whether transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) may modulate impulsive cognition and behavior in adolescent suicide attempters, in a three-group randomized design, through specific neural pathways, as assessed with electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERPs); and (iii) a study investigating whether dysregulation of the gut microbiome (dysbiosis) is associated with depression and suicide. Assessments will include interview-based measures of life stress, psychopathology, and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors; neurocognitive tasks; and behavioral observation.

Responsibilities will include: data collection and management; participant recruitment, retention, and reimbursement; interfacing with the hospital clinical staff; supervision of undergraduate volunteers; and IRB submissions and modifications. Opportunities for training and involvement in preparing manuscripts for publication will also be available and are strongly encouraged. This position is particularly suited for individuals interested in gaining research and clinical experience prior to graduate or medical school.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in psychology or related field, be very detail oriented, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and be able to work autonomously as well as within a team setting on multiple tasks. Experience with data management and statistical software (e.g., SPSS, Mplus, R) and with writing scripts in MATLAB/E-Prime are preferred but not required.

The RA(s) will work under the mentorship of Drs. Anthony Spirito and Richard Liu. A two-year commitment is preferred. The position(s) will begin in summer 2017. Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and CV to:

More information about our current studies can be found here.