Research Coordinator Position available - Waco, TX

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Research Coordinator Position available - Waco, TX

Job Summary: Position is based in the Waco, Texas area in collaboration with Baylor University. Incumbent will function as an advanced program coordinator for a federally-funded study evaluating an intervention for the parents of youth involved in juvenile probation specialtycourts (e.g., drug court). As the coordinator of the research team at the local research site, incumbent will assist off-site investigators in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with local stakeholders. Incumbent also will help coordinate investigator trips to the research site. In addition, incumbent will coordinate and assist with recruiting and collecting research data from study participants. Position requires on-the-job training in the use of a data management application for participant tracking and scheduling. Incumbent will be responsible for collecting data and maintaining written/computer records in compliance with the research protocol. Some irregular work hours may be required to accommodate participants’ schedules. Position requires travel, the incumbent to work out of his/her home and to adhere to a teleworking agreement with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) at times, and to have an office at Baylor University in the lab of the site investigator.


Job Duties:

20% - Schedule and complete data collection appointments with participants, which include administering structured interviews, paper-and-pencil surveys, and urine drug screens - (Essential)

20% - Conduct screening and recruitment of participants for the study - (Essential)

10% - Plan, coordinate, and implement investigator trips to the research site. This might involve coordinating schedules, securing meeting space, facilitating lunch provision, and obtaining lodging - (Essential)

10% - Assist study investigators in establishing and maintaining buy-in from the research site for the project - (Essential)

10% - Utilize database application for entering research data and maintaining current participant tracking - (Essential)

10% - Ensure adherence to sponsor and MUSC policies, legal contracts, IRB policies, and HIPAA regulations - (Essential)

5% - Prepare tracking reports as needed and present status to the research team at weekly meetings - (Essential)

5% - Communicate relevant participant information to study investigators - (Essential)

5% - Track and process all payments due to participants - (Essential)

5% - Record and securely maintain participant charts and other files related to the study - (Essential)

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Re: Research Coordinator Position available - Waco, TX

Matthew H
Is this opportunity still available? The link seems to be dead or the posting on the MUSC website is closed.