Research/Fidelity Assistant Position, Brooklyn NY (Bilingual skills required)

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Research/Fidelity Assistant Position, Brooklyn NY (Bilingual skills required)

Power of Two  ( is a non-profit organization in Brooklyn NY, which implements Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC), a home-visiting parent coaching program for parents of infants and toddlers who experience early adversity. We are seeking a full-time Fidelity Assurance Assistant to join our research/evaluation team. Bilingual English/Spanish skills are strongly preferred.

Position Summary:
The Fidelity Assurance Assistant will be responsible for monitoring fidelity to the ABC intervention model and providing fidelity-focused supervision to parent coaches. The Fidelity Assurance Assistant will also assist with outcome evaluation, including coding parent-child interactions, tracking and monitoring the collection of pre-intervention and post-intervention parent and child assessments, and other data management. There may be opportunities to assist in data analysis, conference presentations, and publications.

• Bachelor Degree in related field, such as psychology, education, human development, or social work;
• Strong research experience, including at least 1 year of work in a research lab at a University
• Bilingual English/Spanish skills required.

If interested, please send a cover letter and CV to: Dr. Kristin Bernard at Stony Brook University: