Summer Counselor Position - ADHD Summer Treatment Program, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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Summer Counselor Position - ADHD Summer Treatment Program, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

  Counselors Needed for Summer Treatment Program for Children with ADHD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is looking to recruit recreational and educational counselors for the ADHD Summer Treatment Program (STP). This an all-day, evidence-based, therapeutic program, devoted exclusively to 8-12 year old children with ADHD following the Summer Treatment Program developed by Dr. William Pelham. The STP is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is directed by Dr. Aaron Vaughn, a clinical psychologist and expert in the treatment of children with ADHD. STP provides intensive weekday treatment tailored to children’s behavioral and educational needs. During the program, children are placed in age-similar groups of 12 children, and are supervised by 5-6 counselors (and one lead counselor per group). In order to improve classroom behavior, three hours a day are devoted to classroom intervention. During this time, children are supervised by counselors in a structured setting. Children spend the remainder of the day in recreational activities during which time the counselors implement a comprehensive behavior modification system. Treatment components include a point system, response cost, time out, group problem-solving, social skills training, sports skills training, as well as other strategies.

Lead Counselors:
These staff members are typically advanced undergraduate or graduate-level students from clinical psychology, school psychology, social work, or related programs.  These are the lead treatment staff for each group of children.  They spend all day with the children except when the group is in the classroom.  As well as implementing the program, they supervise the 4 undergraduate counselors for each group of 10-12 children in implementing the treatment program.  In turn, the lead counselors are supervised by the clinical supervisors.  They may assist the clinical supervisors with parent training groups. During staff training, they also assist program staff members in training undergraduate counselors in the token economy/point system, time out procedures, social skills and problem solving training procedures and review the clinical records of the children with whom they will be working during the STP.  

Undergraduate Counselors:
These staff members are typically undergraduate students majoring in psychology, social work, education, or related fields.  Counselors implement the treatment program with the group of children to whom they are assigned and remain with them all day except when the children are in the classroom. Counselors implement the behavior modification treatment during recreational activities such as basketball, soccer, softball, and swimming. During these activities, counselors award points to the children for positive behaviors and take points from the children for negative behaviors.  Counselors also conduct sports skills training, social skills training, and problem solving training. Counselors and children participate together in group cooperative task sessions and counselors facilitate friendship development.  Counselors plan activities, design and revise individualized programs for each child and meet individually or as a group for supervision weekly.

The position provides junior and senior level undergraduate, and graduate level students with a valuable opportunity to receive training and gain experience with children in a clinical setting.
• Excellent opportunity for graduate school and work recommendations
• Gain clinical experience with children with ADHD and behavioral concerns
• Learn and use behavioral treatment strategies
• Receive daily supervision by clinical psychologists

Training will begin in late May at our Center for ADHD. Counselors work Monday through Friday, typically from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, and lead counselors participate in parent training activities one evening a week between 4:45 pm and 6:15 pm. The program will end on August 4, 2017. Counselors are paid an hourly wage with overtime benefits. Housing for counselors also is available through the University of Cincinnati during the STP.

We are seeking intelligent, professional, and nurturing individuals with:
• Strong interpersonal skills; Capability to react quickly and to deal with stressful situations
• Experience working with children; ability to be playful
• • High level of motivation, enthusiasm and energy!
• Sports skills and knowledge (softball, swimming, soccer, or basketball)